Social Security Benefits Administration for National Governments

PX3000tm/SSB Platform is a comprehensive social insurance and benefits administration software platform for national governments to track the social insurance accounts of all citizens along with their service, contributions, employers, payouts, and all of the rules/legislation under which the social security/insurance system operates.
– Track an unlimited number of employers and plan members (citizens)
– Generate Invoices to Employers in either hard copy or PDF
– Receive payments by Cheque, cash, EFT,
– Full receipting
– Automatic allocation of payments to Employer and Member accounts
– Automated Calculation of Benefits and Recipient Letters
– Calculate and record adjustments for accurate account administration
– Generate member (citizen/retiree) payments by cheque or ETF
– Includes payroll reconciliation
– Manage compliance inspectors
– Continuation of Benefits Processes including Notices, Stop payments and Payment Re-instatements

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