Montreux TPA/DC

Outsourced Defined Contribution (DC) Administration Services

Penad is a specialist in Third Party Administration (TPA) services and is ready to take care of your Defined Contribution (DC) pension plan. The DC component of Penad’s Montreux TPA service package (we also provide Defined Benefit administration) is a comprehensive solution for both pension plan sponsors and for institutions with books of DC business.

Penad supplies banks and insurance companies with pension software to manage their books of DC business and utilizes this same technology platform for our TPA clients. We can track and administer an unlimited number of individual and group pension accounts comprised of any number of investment vehicle types: unitized funds, interest bearing funds, GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificates) and term deposits.

The Montreux TPA service package for DC plans includes:

– Set-up pension plan(s)
– Enrol new members
– Administer ongoing data changes
– Respond to member enquiries
– Process member contributions and other deposit types including the distribution of investment gains/losses
– Issuance of Member Statements of account at any frequency covering any period
– Process member Inter-fund transfers (by unit, percentage, or dollar amounts)
– Process member withdrawals
– Process member termination, retirement, death, and marriage breakdown calculations (according to applicable legislation and the respective rules of the pension plan)
– Send/receive member option forms
– Apply local pension legislation
– Complete Government information returns
– Issue benefit settlement instructions to trustee/custodian
– Issue Buy/Sell orders to Fund Managers
– Annuity placements
– Processing of member “what if” pension calculations and ad hoc reports
– Full Internet access for plan sponsors, employers, members, and other stakeholders

We tailor our internal system to the unique regulations, tax reporting/withholding, and other particulars of your jurisdiction and pension plan and can also handle multiple currencies and any language of member correspondence. During plan set-up, data audit and purification services are available, and Penad will issue membership certificates to all members, as well as providing the plan sponsor with an Administration Guide including forms and supplies for new transactions.

Penad receives and coordinates communications between the key entities and all stakeholders involved in providing the pension plan: Plan Sponsors, Employers, Fund Managers, Trust/Custodian, Annuity Providers.

Montreux TPA offers Internet access through a standard web browser, so plan sponsors, employers, and members can view and update critical pension data, including initiation of inter-fund transfers. We page layout and design is fully customizable to the branding of the plan sponsor.[/three_fourth]

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