Human Resources Administration

PX3000tm is a “people centric” system, which is a fancy way of saying that in PX3000tm, the functional modules all orbit around the members, not the other way around. A “person” enters PX3000tm through the HR module. From there, they can become “members” of any of the plans administered in the modules, whether pension or group benefits. By taking this approach, member data including beneficiary information is entered once; it is then pulled into the plan administration area as required.

The PX3000tm/HR module is included with the other functional modules and is required for entering new members into the pension, social security, and Group Life & Health systems. However, the full PX3000tm/HR module is optional if plan sponsors handle HR admin through a separate system – then there is no need to adopt the Penad system. For clients who require HR administration, however, PX3000tm/HR is a robust system that dovetails with the other PX3000tm modules.

PX3000tm/HR tracks a wide range of employee information including personal contact info and related people, and the software also stores multimedia files such as call-centre audio recordings, employee photographs, scans of training certificates, and resumes through its document imaging and storage capabilities. In addition, the system records employment history, sick days, used and available vacation days, and absenteeism.

PX3000tm/HR also tracks employee Hay rating, compa ratios, salary history, job performance and evaluations/incidents, education and skills history. Used in conjunction with the other modules in PX3000tm, the HR module enables administrators to store and manage essential HR data.

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