Penad Promise

When you choose Penad, you get a service provider and a partner who is committed to making sure that your pension plan is administered with utmost care. We take our fiduciary responsibility very seriously and have designed the Montreux TPA solution to meet your total pension administration requirements.

If you are a pension plan sponsor, Montreux TPA will take care of your full administration needs while also saving you money.

Ooops. Did we mention money?

As everyone knows, professional fees for pension plan management have grown over the past twenty years to the point where many DB plan sponsors have thrown in the towel and switched to DC plans. Through our investment in technology and efficiency, Penad has found ways to prevent runaway fee increases.

While others are still looking for “cost containment” strategies, Penad has been quietly offering guaranteed “cost reduction” to DB plan sponsors. Yes, you read that right. We are so confident in the efficiency of our pension administration methodology that we have a special “standing offer” to DB plan sponsors that Penad will reduce future pension administration and actuarial costs compared to what you paid in the past.

Whether looking at cost or services, Montreux TPA is designed to satisfy the needs of all stakeholders in your DB pension plan.

– Our comprehensive solution handles every detail for you
– Our Service Guarantee ensures your satisfaction
– Our leadership in web-based technologies gives stakeholders better access to pension plan information
– Our streamlined processes and advanced calculation algorithms results in lower administration fees
– Our team of pension experts is here for you, to help you with the problems and situations that face your pension plan

It takes great software and great people to administer a DB pension plan well. Penad has both, combined in the Montreux TPA service solution. We have succeeded in the DB administration business because we created a formula that works. In fact, some of our clients have been with us for over twenty years because we deliver peerless service and quality at a reasonable cost, year after year. Our streamlined system saves time every step of the way, which means we can offer our services for a lower price, guaranteed.

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