PX3000tm/Report Studio

Reports and Data Extraction

Pension and benefit administrators have told us that they want easy access to data without the need for an IT person to build a data-extraction script or provide a confusing data map. PX3000 tmfulfills this vision with Report Studio, an exceptional ad hoc reporter that lets you export data from any field in the system using a visual drag n’ drop interface.

The PX3000tm Report Studio is fully integrated with Word, Excel, Access, HTML, and ASCII, so administrators can quickly extract data into a format they can use.

For example, working directly in Word, you can drag n’ drop data fields from PX3000tm and thereby create an instant form letter. In just a few minutes, you can send a letter to all pension plan members who, for example, are within nine months of their retirement, or print mailing labels for all female members who are working for a specific division of your company. The possibilities are endless, and when you create a special letter or data extract or report, you can save it as a template so other people in your office can use the same file, perhaps to print a monthly report on upcoming retirements.

The Report Studio extracts data using a wide range of filters and Booleans, so you can set up virtually unlimited conditions when drilling into your data.

And the best part? An administrator can really do all of this (and more!) without calling IT! The administrators can view and extract anything in the database without knowing SQL and without needing a map of the data.

The system comes with an extensive list of standard reports, depending on the modules you require, and if those reports don’t cover your needs, Penad will be happy to build additional custom reports for you. But because customized reports are so easy to create and format within PX3000tm in the Report Studio, our clients save money because there is no need to engage Penad programming staff for most of the reports you will ever need.

Many data management platforms today require expensive and opaque “business intelligence” packages to make sense of the data, but PX3000tm was designed with administrators in mind, to make your data as accessible and transparent as possible. Our clients love this!

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