PX3000tm Implementation

Get in control of pension and benefits administration with PX3000tm. The Penad pension and benefits administration software automates Penad’s own proven administration methodology. PX3000tm is more than a software platform, it is a way of doing business.

Customization and Product Management

Most pension software installations require some degree of configuration, if not outright customization. Penad’s product management team is second to none because of the depth of their understanding of the business processes that make up a successful pension and benefits administration software system. Our team works closely with yours to review the many variables involved and ensure that the system meets your requirements, keeping in mind your project’s budgetary and time constraints.

Data Conversion and Implementation

Once your system is ready, we produce a detailed project path to make sure changes within your organization are managed properly and data conversion is performed accurately and efficiently. Again, our bench strength in pension administration for our own book of business means that we know what it takes to stage a successful set-up. Since 1983, Penad has converted many hundreds of pension plans and has dealt with nearly every scenario imaginable.

Training and Support

Once your system is operational, Penad stands ready to help your organization move forward. We provide the training your people need on-site or at Penad’s in-house training centre, and we are committed to helping you keep the system updated and fully operational.

Return on Investment

The bottom line is that PX3000tm delivers a compelling ROI. You get administration that is more efficient and accurate, better reporting, better legislative compliance, and transparent communications. This leads to reduced administration costs, faster turnaround times, increased satisfaction amongst your pension plan members and other stakeholders, as well as addressing liability issues.

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