Penad Pension Services Limited has been developing leading-edge pension administration solutions for banks, insurance companies, governments, and large individual and multi-employer pension plans since 1983.

As a supplier of third-party pension plan administration, consulting, and actuarial services to plan sponsors across Canada and internationally, we possess deep understanding of pension issues beyond just computer programming. The methodologies we develop are first used on our own book of business, so our software clients get the benefit of systems designed BY pension administrators, FOR pension administrators.

PX3000tm, our core software solution, features a number of modules including:

– Defined Contribution (DC) pension plan administration
– Defined Benefit (DB) pension administration
– Social Security Benefit plan administration (for national governments)
– Group Life and Health (GLH) benefits administration
– Human Resources (HR) benefits administration

PX3000tm was architected from the ground up to administer pension plans worldwide and can handle an extensive variety of pension plan types in any language (it is multi-lingual), any currency, and any jurisdiction (the system is parameterized and rules-based for rapid localization to any legislative environment).

PX3000tm is scalable for any size of plan or book of business and is fully integrated with the Internet for transparent access and updates by all stakeholders, including plan members.

If you are looking for software to meet your pension or benefit administration requirements, look to Penad. We have the desire, the experience and the technology to make your administration/automation project a success.

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