The administration of civil service and government pension plan covers a wide gamut of responsibilities from enrolling members, to tracking service and contributions/ withdrawals, to processing transactions such as terminations and retirements, to providing management reports and communicating with pension plan members – all while maintaining compliance with local pension legislation and streamlining actuarial data exchange.

In addition, many governmental organizations employ various types of pension plans including defined benefit, defined contribution, and special (Hybrid) savings plans, which multiplies the complexity of administration. The challenge is to do all of this accurately and efficiently, to increase throughput, shorten turnaround times, improve member and stakeholder communications, and reduce costly errors and the potential for fraud.

How can these challenges be met? With PENAD software and processes!


The key to creating a winning environment for the effective administration of pension plans is implementing a proven methodology based upon a powerful software system framework. PENAD has devoted itself for the past thirty years to engineering best practices and processes for the effective administration of pension plans, both for its own book of third-party administration business, and also for software clients ranging from governments to insurance companies to large multi-national corporations.

PENAD, together with its many clients, has carefully thought through every aspect of pension plan administration and has developed a suite of products to provide governmental administrators with the tools to get the job done.


PX3000™ / CS is a robust software system to help administrators take care of every aspect of pension plan administration. Developed to enable full pension administration by in-house administration departments, PX3000™ / CS seamlessly manages both Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution pension plans (or a combination thereof –Hybrid Plans!). With PX3000™ / CS, administrators can set up and track any number of pension plan members for multiple employers in multiple divisions and locations and with any number of special benefit provisions, classes, and grand-fathered benefits. The system was built to take into account the fact that every DB pension plan is unique, so PX3000™ is rules-based and parameterized for fast configuration.

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