PX3000tm/e-Pensions Module

PX3000tm is an n-tier application that is fully transparent to the Internet, utilizing the latest tools and a flexible platform to make information available, where and when it is needed.

With e-Pensions, plan members can get access to their account information using any web-enabled device, including a browser, WAP-enabled smartphone, or Voice Enabled Web. A member in a DC plan can for example initiate inter-fund transfers between various investment accounts using her smartphone.

The power is in your hands! Administrators, managers, plan members, plan sponsors, employers, board members, regulators, suppliers such as trustees or fund managers, consultants – can all log into the system for needed information and reports, and PX3000tm has rock-solid security to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access.

PX3000tm also supports the concept of “Enterprise Automation”, where administration tasks can, if desired, be offloaded from the central pension administration office to regional branches or offices where plan members are enrolled or terminated. Administrators can for example enrol new pension plan members or initiate terminations or retirements or load contribution advice into the central PX3000tm administration server through a web browser, and the system then schedules the next steps for the administration team.

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