The Service Income Security Insurance Plan (SISIP), a long-term disability insurance plan for members of the Canadian military, is getting $622 million in new funding to backstop the plan’s deficit, according to budgetary numbers tabled this week in the House of Commons.

The SISIP has struggled with funding issues for years, especially as claims have increased greatly in recent years “largely owing to increased awareness and recognition of post-traumatic stress disorder and mental health,” according to the budgetary documents.

The care of veterans has become a political hot-topic of late as disabled vets struggle with financial burdens while pointing out that the government seems to have no problem taking care of other priorities. Last week, for example, during a town hall meeting, a vet who lost his legs in Afghanistan asked Prime Minister Trudeau why his government could come up with $10.5 million to pay for a settlement to Omar Khadr, who was in Afghanistan fighting against allied forces, and yet his government is fighting in court against vets who are seeking additional funds. Trudeau responded that the veterans are “asking for more than we are able to give right now.”