[one_fourth last=”no”][/one_fourth]During a 2008 investigation, the Brazilian Police seized several hard drives from a banker. After several failed attempts at accessing the information on the drives by the National Institute of Criminology,   the FBI was contacted to provide assistance. The FBIs attempts to crack the hard drive encryption met with equal failure. The encryption on these hard drives, you ask?

TrueCrypt – a free Open-Source program that is widely used across the globe.

Not only did the IT folks at Penad share a good laugh about this, but we also felt a wholesome satisfaction as we have been using TrueCrypt’s technology for some time on not only our own servers and daily backup volumes but on our laptops and computers that travel away from the security of our office both in Canada and abroad.

Tonight, I sleep like a baby knowing that private information on our servers, databases and roaming PCs will stay that way. Good luck on your next attempts FBI techs, let us know how it turns out.