This year is the 30th anniversary of the founding of Penad Pension Services Limited, a leading pension administration and systems specialist. To mark this exceptional milestone (not many companies live to see their 30th birthday!), Penad has commissioned the release of a new logo and a new take on its overall brand identity.

For thirty years, Penad has been at the forefront of HR benefits administration automation in the pension field. In fact, Penad was the very first company in Canada, if not the world, to develop a PC-based pension administration software system, which radically streamlined admin and resulted in much faster processing of year-ends and benefit calculations, greatly increased accuracy, and an order of magnitude improvement in turnaround times. Basically, Penad’s flagship Defined Benefit administration solution dragged pension administration kicking and screaming out of the dark ages.

Building on 30 years of success!

Building on 30 years of success!

Penad has continued this history of innovation to the present day, with the development of PX3000™, a global leader in benefits administration systems. PX3000™ is used by banks, insurance companies, governments, and large corporations for the administration of Defined Benefit, Defined Contribution, Group Life & Health, and Social Security benefit plans.

The new Penad logo has been developed to reflect the vision of Penad entering its fourth decade in business. Only a fraction of 1% of businesses ever make it past the thirty year mark, so Penad has a lot to celebrate as it continues on its course towards a bright future. The new logo has been developed to reflect the optimism and vision we hold for the new decade. Penad’s previous logo, which stood the test of time for thirty years (with some slight modifications along the way) was a statement of strength (the large, bold, upper case font) and a business-like attitude (the royal blue color).

The new logo softens both the color and the typography, going with a lighter blue, a mixed-case font, and a bright green cross stroke on the letter “a”. Taken together, the new look reflects a quiet confidence that we know who we are and why we are in business … to provide the best pension and benefit administration solutions on the planet. The logo also reflects the Penad team — we are approachable, communicative, creative – not a monolith but a group of individuals to whom our clients and peers can relate and with whom they can work.

Penad has been building world-class systems for three decades – in our fourth decade and beyond, we want to let the world know that we are still here, that we have great products, and we can help our clients develop solutions for success!