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This Is Not A Calculation of Actual Pension
The results of using this pension tool is not a calculation of your actual account value or future pension payments, because your account value and future pension payments can't be calculated accurately until you retire. What this tool allows you to do is to input what you guess could be your possible retirement scenarios, and it then applies assumed pension calculation factors to your input. The results are intended to illustrate the approximate differences between varying retirement scenarios you have thought about--your future account value and actual pension payments could turn out to be quite different from these numbers.

As a result, the information you provide and the results that are created are for your information only, and are not reviewed, audited or verified by Penad Pension Services Limited, and are in no way binding on Penad Pension Services Limited regarding the eventual calculation of your pension.

More Information About Limitations of the PX Tool Pack Pension Calculator
The PX Tools Pack Pension Calculator will show you how much pension you might expect to purchase given assumptions about your current and future savings. Remember that these values are for illustration purposes only.

The values will differ depending on the assumptions to the far left, and the annuity purchased. Annuity rates are computed using a flat 3 percent interest rate, with a spousal age offset of 3 years, sex distinct assumptions, and using mortality based on UP-94@2020 (the UP-94 Table projected forward to the year 2020 using mortality projection Scale AA).

Seek Professional Advice About Pension Decisions
You should not rely on these estimations in making any decisions or taking any action with respect to your pension. Seek advice from a qualified financial advisor before relying on any speculative pension estimation, or exercising any pension option.

The PX Tool Pack Pension Calculator does not store information regarding the inputs or results of individual calculations. Calculations are performed in real time and are only available for use during the current user's session.

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